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Cute gay Dylan Cries and Begs for the spanking t stop

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Cute little Dylan gets his cute little bum smacked super super hard and fast till it is very very very red!!!


Dylan is a 22 year old gay student, cute, scared and nervous, but in need of cash. Rich takes him OTK for a bare assed spanking with his hand, a wooden paddle and hair brush that has the poor,  crying in pain embarrassed young man and begging him to stop as his tight little butt turns bright red. When he starts to curse, Rich tells him a customer complained about it in his last video, and ordered him to stop. When he tries to protect his ass with his hands, Rich orders him to stand and spanks his palms. Dylan struggles and kicks, sobs and pleads, making a real spectacle of himself. During the post spanks his palms, Dylan admits to feeling “belittled” by the experience.

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He takes him OTK and lays into him by hand, ruler and bath brush

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Financial necessity forced Sean to return for the spanking he backed out of recently. He was in for a spanking but quit after two minutes because he couldn’t take the pain. But poor Sean needs cash desperately, so he’s back withhis tail between his legs asking to try again. Rich is determined to make him pay. He has him drop his pants and briefs and humiliates him by making him promise to take it this time. Then he takes him OTK and lays into him by
hand, ruler and bath brush. His spanking is relentless and Sean twitches, jumps, gasps, quivers and yelps. His high pitched, anguished cries grow more desperate as he trembles and shivers in pain. Rich knows he can go hard because Sean has no choice this time.

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Jim is 24 years old, straight, cool, handsome and sexy, but today he’s just Scott’s little bitch. Scott takes him OTK and spanks his butt cheeks hard by hand, rapid fire on the bare butt, then with a wooden paddle before laying into him hard with a belt.

Poor Jim grunts, gasps and yelps, his body jolts with every blow, his big balls on display behind him.

At one point he looks like he might get up, but just a stern look from Rich and he submissively gets back into position. Scott spanks him until he’s red and bruised.

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Young students of magic Nimue Allen and Ron Beastly are in serious trouble in this Halloween porn scene. Their attempt at a hair growth potion has been a little too effective, as evidenced by Ron’s huge bushy beard.

Potions master Seani Love orders them to his office, where schoolgirl and schoolboy are punished together with a bare-bottomed spanking. This funny, quirky homage to the famous school of wizardry ends with red bottoms and red faces for the magical pair.

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Keiththrashing about on Rich’s getting spanked hard

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Keith worked with RELUCTANT YOUNG MEN for a while before he moved to the west coast 2 years ago. Now he’s back, unemployed, and humbling himself by going over his former boss’ knee for a bare assed spanking.

He’s nervous and embarrassed but he needs money and willing to submit. Rich uses his hand, a wooden paddle and bath brush. Keith kicks and shuffles his long sexy legs, the muscle sof his upper body flex and contract as he gasps, yelps and whimpers, twists and curses. What’s more humbling than being naked and over the knee of someone you know, acting like a little bitch.

A very real and hard male/ male spanking!

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