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Very intense hand and bamboo paddle session to REAL tears.

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In this HOT update, Fan favorite Nick, the houseboy, is punished to real tears for failing to give a blowjob to his Master. There are some great facial expressions caught on this one, and some real tears as well.

Very intense hand and bamboo paddle session to REAL tears.


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Nick Gets the Paddle, Crop and Switch VERY HARD

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The big solid frat paddle goes WHACK CRACK Smack band across Nick’s ripe ass!

There’s nothing like watching a handsome, well built,
masculine straight guy tied to a spanking horse and
beaten until he’s acting like a little bitch, and that’s just
what Rich does to new model Nick. Using a frat paddle,
riding crop and switch, he beats the young man until he’s
bruised and broken. The sting of the switch makes Nick
howl, whimper, whine and dance, a strong young man
suffering at the hands of a fat old man. When it was over,
Nick said he felt humiliated acting like a bitch on camera.

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The spanking makes him struggle, kick, tremble, sweat, gasp and yelp in shame.

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Axel is 28 years old, a straight, laid off carpenter looking to make some extra money. He likes spanking and being spanked during sex but he’s never been spanked OTK, and he’s in for a surprise. Rich uses his hand, a paddle and the bath brush on his nice, round butt and turns it bright red and bruised. Axel makes it thru the hand spanking alright, and the paddle has him struggling, twisting and yelling as he breathlessly tries to cope with the pain. But the hairbrush breaks him as he struggles, kicks, trembles, sweat, gasps and yelps in shame. During the post interview he said the spanking made him feel “naughty” and embarrassed.

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 But Uncle!!!! Noooooooo I don’t want a spanking !…..

Dr Richard Barton will brook no disobedience from his nephew Fauni Cate in this M/M spanking scene. Fauni’s just returned from the Pride festival, looking every inch the smoulderingly sexy queer punk: ripped jeans, eyeliner, piercings and a ‘fuck you’ attitude.

Dr Barton is incensed by Fauni’s refusal to conform, and takes him over the knee for a humiliating spanking. Fauni is powerless to fight back as his strict uncle orders him to pull down his jeans and underwear, and spanks his bare bottom until it’s red and sore.

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