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 Awwwwwwwwww isn’t he just too cute and adorable and WOW! OUCH! his poor little walloped,thrashed bruised and deep red ass needs a kiss all better cute-gif1

Naughty boy Toby strips then gets twenty HAAAAAAAAAAAARD(and then some) intense swats with a hardwood paddle. His ass really pays the price and it shows,Oooooh Ouchy!

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Bad boy Julian gets a absolute ass thrashing that leaves his butt red raw!

Julian is a 27 year old, straight, graduate student , 6’2″ tall with a lean, muscular body who admits that he’s very nervous about being spanked but needs money for school. Rich takes him OTK and spanks him over his jeans, then his boxers and finally on his smooth, muscular butt using his hand, a leather paddle and a hair brush. He looks so sexy, a tall, muscular and humbled giant as fat old Rich takes him down. Julian remained stoic until the hair brush, when he started to twist, groan, gasp and yelp in pain.

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First Contact Video! Dylan reports for his first spanking. He had done a hot masturbation video for another site, but had steadfastly declined offers for a spanking video. Then, about ten days after his first shoot, Dylan contacted Tom(from straight men spanking) wanting to do another video. Like so many others, he had several ideas for videos he could do, none of which involved being spanking or touched by a man. But, as Tom told him very clearly, you don’t get to do a second video for our other site without first taking your spanking. Again Dylan refused stating he would not and could not do a spanking video.

A week or so later he contacted Tom again with a great new idea! Well, what he considered great, anyway. He said he would do a spanking video, but only if a girl was spanking him. Yeah, right. Like that’s going to happen. Tom turned him down flat and Dylan again insisted he would not be spanked by a man. Several days after that Dylan contacted Tom again and relented. He agreed to be spanked by Tom.

This video shows the first time Dylan has ever been touched by a man. He’s nervous and doesn’t know what to expect, mainly because like every other guy he forgot to ask exactly what would be entailed in his spanking. He was very surprised that it involved going over Tom’s knee. It clearly bothered him, but not enough to back out of a paid video.

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Ohhhhhhhh so tender and ohhhhhh so sore burning red bubble butt!!

The naughty house boy is properly punished for not doing his chores!

Nicks well spanked ass cheeks are so sore he cries real tears.

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WHOA OUCH!!! Chris Gets the Paddle and the Razor Strop

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Ohhhhhh Whow Ouch!!! Chris’s thrashed butt is looking mighty sore! What a mean spanking I am sure he will never forget!

Chris is 30 years old, an unemployed construction worker, sexy, straight and masculine, and he’s going over Scott’s knee for a spanking just like a little brat. He started out concerned that he would laugh thru it, but Scott took care of that. He did try to remain stoic at first,and did laugh a bit. Let’s just say that Scott helped him see the seriousness of the situation. First he beat the shit out of him by hand and a wooden paddle until the he was writhing and yelping in pain, then he made him hop and dance with a razor strop.

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