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First Contact Video! Dylan reports for his first spanking. He had done a hot masturbation video for another site, but had steadfastly declined offers for a spanking video. Then, about ten days after his first shoot, Dylan contacted Tom(from straight men spanking) wanting to do another video. Like so many others, he had several ideas for videos he could do, none of which involved being spanking or touched by a man. But, as Tom told him very clearly, you don’t get to do a second video for our other site without first taking your spanking. Again Dylan refused stating he would not and could not do a spanking video.

A week or so later he contacted Tom again with a great new idea! Well, what he considered great, anyway. He said he would do a spanking video, but only if a girl was spanking him. Yeah, right. Like that’s going to happen. Tom turned him down flat and Dylan again insisted he would not be spanked by a man. Several days after that Dylan contacted Tom again and relented. He agreed to be spanked by Tom.

This video shows the first time Dylan has ever been touched by a man. He’s nervous and doesn’t know what to expect, mainly because like every other guy he forgot to ask exactly what would be entailed in his spanking. He was very surprised that it involved going over Tom’s knee. It clearly bothered him, but not enough to back out of a paid video.

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Brandon Bent Over AND spanked hard for money

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Brandon, 20 years old, came to spanking straight boys  needing to pay the rent on his much-too-expensive condo. Tom gave him his first spanking on the the day before this video was shot, but told him he was going to need to do more than one video to earn the amount of money he needed. Brandon begged off, stating that he couldn’t take any more, so Tom agreed to let him come back in a couple of days to shoot this video.

Tom knew Brandon would come back because Tom wouldn’t pay him anything until all of the videos were shot. What Tom didn’t know, and what Brandon learned earlier this morning, was that if he didn’t pay today, he’d owe a substantial late fee. So Brandon’s ass was still a bit red when he showed up for this video.

Tom starts in on Brandon with a ping pong paddle, his hand, a leather slapper, a deceptively painful small oak paddle and a five-gallon paint stirring stick that has Brandon’s ass quivering involuntarily. As the video continues, you’ll see sweat running down Brandon’s arms as he struggles with the pain. You’ll see his ass and thighs shaking and quivering as the punishment continues.

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