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BEN (1) BEN (2)

Pat, who we have not seen for a couple of years as he was away working, is back and he took in a lodger to help out. The lodger, Ben, is a lazy surly brat, spends his days sat on the couch playing games on his mobile. When Pat gets in and goes to the kitchen for a drink and something to eat he finds the fridge is empty – again. Ben has made no effort to do the shopping and a hungry Pat is a very unhappy Pat. he confronts the brat who just shrugs his shoulders and carries on playing his game. Pat is a man possessed and he grabs a hold of Ben and pulls him, struggling and protesting over his knee. The mop haired lad is thrashing round wildly as Pat spanks him hard, pausing only to remind the lad why he is looking at the carpet. Once soundly spanked Ben is told to go and do the shopping right away and Pat sees him out the apartment. Coming soon is part 2 when we see what happens after the shopping….

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Rich finishes up with the hairbrush, gripping Vinnie’s balls to keep him in place

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Rich has sexy, straight guy Vinnie OTK for a real spanking. He starts out using his hand, then removes his belt and applies it to Vinnie’s firm, young butt.

Vinnie gasps, grunts and struggles until he’s almost breathless.He keeps trying to cover his ass with his hands, so Rich has him hold them out and beats them with the belt.

He tells Rich that he’s laughing because he’s scared, and Rich loves having a naked str8 guy telling him that.But he has as no pity. After the belt he continues with a cane.

Vinnie’s legs dance and kick, his big cock and balls dangling between Rich’s legs, and he gasps, pants and yelps. Soon he’s telling Rich he’s going to faint, but Rich just spanks on. Rich finishes up with the hairbrush, gripping Vinnie’s balls to keep him in place, as the young man writhes in agony while threatening to faint from the pain.

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this is a blog hop…..

The young man’s moans and grunts grow louder and louder as the intensity of the spanking increases, until his ass is bright red

marine(103) marine(112) marine(118)

Abducted, taken from his group, the young marine is still in his cammies, bound and gagged in a strange place, alone and afraid.He struggles to free himself, to call out for help, but it’s no use, no one can help him now. A strange masked man enters the room and starts to grope and fondle the young man thru his uniform, then begins to rip and tear it from his body.
When he’s finished, the marine is almost naked and totally vulnerable, his smooth toned body and big cock and balls show the body of a youth just now coming into manhood, all available to his captor to do with as he pleases.


What happened next was completely unexpected, it shamed and disgusted the young marine, but he was unable to stop it.The abductor turned his attention to his exposed cock and balls, fondling, groping, stroking. The marine tried to resist but his cock slowly started to grow, soon he was rock hard in the hands of another man. The young man was ashamed of his response, the man’s hand excited and disgusted him at the same time, and there was nothing he could do to stop it.He writhed and whimpered while the man brought him closer to the edge, and he tried to hold on. But the man knew what he was doing and the poor marine eventually lost the battle, spilling his seed into the hands of another man, ashamed and defeated.

marine(301) marine(303) marine(306) marine(312) marine(401)

Tied face down to a stool, his ass exposed and vulnerable, the poor marine wonders what’s next. But he never could have imagined what this man had in store for him now. The man puts on a rubber glove, lubes it up, and starts to insert it into his tight, straight, virgin hole.The marine is horrified, he feels so weak, unable to defend himself from this degrading invasion. He grunts in pain as the man
sadistically finger fucks his hole. But there’s more. The disgraced young marine must submit to a fucking with two dildos,the second so large that his pathetic high pitched whimpers and whines of shame and pain fill the room as the man exercises his total control over the marine’s young body.

marine(404) marine(406) marine(407) marine(411) marine(412) marine(418) marine(419) marine(414) marine(423)
Still tied face down to the stool the poor defeated marine wonders if his suffering will ever end when the masked man returns and focuses on his tight, exposed buns. Using his hand, a wooden paddle, then a leather one, he spanks the sad little hunk.The young man’s moans and grunts grow louder and louder as the intensity of the beating increases, until his ass is bright red,he’s dazed and breathless, and drooling thru his gag from the pain. A broken young marine.

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