He takes him OTK and lays into him by hand, ruler and bath brush

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Financial necessity forced Sean to return for the spanking he backed out of recently. He was in for a spanking but quit after two minutes because he couldn’t take the pain. But poor Sean needs cash desperately, so he’s back withhis tail between his legs asking to try again. Rich is determined to make him pay. He has him drop his pants and briefs and humiliates him by making him promise to take it this time. Then he takes him OTK and lays into him by
hand, ruler and bath brush. His spanking is relentless and Sean twitches, jumps, gasps, quivers and yelps. His high pitched, anguished cries grow more desperate as he trembles and shivers in pain. Rich knows he can go hard because Sean has no choice this time.

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Jim is 24 years old, straight, cool, handsome and sexy, but today he’s just Scott’s little bitch. Scott takes him OTK and spanks his butt cheeks hard by hand, rapid fire on the bare butt, then with a wooden paddle before laying into him hard with a belt.

Poor Jim grunts, gasps and yelps, his body jolts with every blow, his big balls on display behind him.

At one point he looks like he might get up, but just a stern look from Rich and he submissively gets back into position. Scott spanks him until he’s red and bruised.

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