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Naughty Carmelle gets a strong spanking!!! Hard and fast till his young boy ass is Red Red RED!

Carmello is Nick’s cute younger brother. He’s a 22 year old, bisexual cutie who needed to make some money.

In their initial discussions Rich found out that Carmello was a member of a group of young men in his neighborhood who’ve been troubling him since he moved into his house 10 years ago. Needless to say, Rich was delighted to get his hands on one of them and teach him a lesson.

Carmello laughed nervously at first as Rich spanked him by hand and gave him an angry lecture. But Rich broke him down, and by the time he took to the hairbrush poor Carmello was near tears, kicking, squirming and apologizing for his actions and those of his friends.

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A Naughty Young Jock Gets a Butt Whipping in the Woods

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Ryan is led into the woods where he surrenders his own leather belt, then strips naked and is whipped. Haaaaaaaaard!

The belt goes swoooosh and and with a SMACK over and over again!

If anyone walks by, they get to see a bright red ASS!!images

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Eddie’s young ass is flaming red red RED after a proper tanning over a mans knee!

Eddie is 21 years old, straight, tall, lean and sexy, a roofer idle for the winter with a sweet, innocent look whose engaged to be married. Rich takes him OTK and starts out by hand, spanking him rapidly and without pause. Eddie is panting and gasping right away, looking
worried as he wonders what’s coming next.. Rich spanks him over his pajamas, then his briefs, and finally on the bare ass. When he spanks Eddie with the hairbrush his reactions become louder, more intense and higher pitched as he gasps, whimpers and struggles, each whack
seeming to take his breath away.

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Alex sticks out his yummy scrummy ripe boy ass for a licking with the paddle!

Alex Colton takes an intense paddle session for his audition tape for
the Santa Barbara Paddle Company.

This video was shot back in March of 2003 and it is personally one of the producers of real male spankings favorite paddle videos they have ever filmed.
It has been re-mastered from the original tape, in a new, larger file
size and better video quality.

Rick Matthews from the Santa Barbara Paddle Company tries out several
paddles on Alex Colton‘s virgin ass.
(This is the first time Alex has ever tasted the paddle.)

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