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HOLY FUCK HOT HOT HOT!!!! Bad boys stick out their ripe bad boy butts for a WICKED HOT bruising!

Pledges Garret and Zach are introduced to the paddle by Nick. Nick has been paddled several times before, but this is the first time he has taken the paddle and used it on anyone else.

Nick shows not mercy when he dishes out unforgiving HARD swats!!!! against their ripe bare butts with a POW OWWWWWWWWWWW!!!

The large paddle turns their asses red and purple Yeoooouch!

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Bad boy Axel made a really stupid mistake. He was scheduled for a shoot for the Stripped and Embarrassed clip store but he showed up three hours late.OMG He is is soooooooooooo much trouble!!!!!!!

Because the naughty boy he kept everyone waiting he now gets punished hard by three angry men. Rich makes him drop his pants and boxers and delivers a humiliating scolding before taking him OTK for a bare bottomed spanking with a hairbrush.

He spanks hard from the start,lecturing as he does, as Axel gasps, yells, kicks and struggles while he apologizes. Then Chic takes over, really walloping him hard by hand while lecturing like an angry dad as Axel starts to break, his hollering becoming more desperate, higher pitched and more anguished.Next week Scott gets to finish the job in Part 2.

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