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Eddie’s young ass is flaming red red RED after a proper tanning over a mans knee!

Eddie is 21 years old, straight, tall, lean and sexy, a roofer idle for the winter with a sweet, innocent look whose engaged to be married. Rich takes him OTK and starts out by hand, spanking him rapidly and without pause. Eddie is panting and gasping right away, looking
worried as he wonders what’s coming next.. Rich spanks him over his pajamas, then his briefs, and finally on the bare ass. When he spanks Eddie with the hairbrush his reactions become louder, more intense and higher pitched as he gasps, whimpers and struggles, each whack
seeming to take his breath away.

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Alex sticks out his yummy scrummy ripe boy ass for a licking with the paddle!

Alex Colton takes an intense paddle session for his audition tape for
the Santa Barbara Paddle Company.

This video was shot back in March of 2003 and it is personally one of the producers of real male spankings favorite paddle videos they have ever filmed.
It has been re-mastered from the original tape, in a new, larger file
size and better video quality.

Rick Matthews from the Santa Barbara Paddle Company tries out several
paddles on Alex Colton‘s virgin ass.
(This is the first time Alex has ever tasted the paddle.)

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Axel and Three Angry Men

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Bad boy Axel made a really stupid mistake. He was scheduled for a shoot for the Stripped and Embarrassed clip store but he showed up three hours late.OMG He is is soooooooooooo much trouble!!!!!!!

Part 1 – Rich makes him drop his pants and boxers and delivers a humiliating scolding before taking him OTK for a bare bottomed spanking with a hairbrush. He spanks hard from the start, lecturing as he does, as Axel gasps, yells, kicks and struggles while he apologizes. Then
Chic takes over, really walloping him hard by hand while lecturing like an angry dad as Axel starts to break, his hollering becoming more desperate, higher pitched and more anguished.

Part 2 – Now Scott gets his turn to vent his anger on poor Axel’s ass. While Rich and Chic stand by watching, Scott takes the naked young man over his knee and has him howling in pain from the beginning just using his big, strong hand. Rich and Chic laugh as Scott lectures the
yelling, kicking, apologizing Axel. Then he switches to the very painful metal paddle to finish breaking the humbled and contrite model who is now gasping “please, please stop” but Scott is relentless.

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Garret, Zach and Nick are told told to strip naked and lie face down on the bed. Then, a number between 1 and 20 is written on a piece of paper and placed on their back. Each boy is then asked to guess the number on their back. If they guess correctly, they are spared. If they guess wrong, they must put their ass in the air and take their swats with ahardwood paddle.


This video is called Housekeeping because in the middle of filming it, the hotel housekeeping arrived to deliver fresh towels that one of the boys had ordered.

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19 year old teen boy Zach gets his revenge all over Young Nicks ripe bubble butt!!!Zach has his own red ass in mind after reciving painful swats from Nick!Opps Nick! I bet you wish you hadn’t paddled Zach so hard now hehe ;-)

With large paddle in hand Zach wallops Nicks begging for it hot buns till they are throbbing,bruised and deep flaming RED!

Payback. Zach is given the opportunity to take some swats at Nick shortly after Nick paddles him for the first time. This is a BONUS CLIP and is not part of Real Male Spankings regular Monday updates. It is a very short clip, but Nick does take a bunch of nice solid swats from Zach. This is Zach’s first time using the paddle on anyone.I think he does a really goof job getting Nicks butt to color up don’t you?

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