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“waaaaaaaaaa ow ow OWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW”

Naughty little Mike kicks,cries and squirms as his bare ass is walloped very hard

Mike is 29 years old, cute, sexy and gay. He’s also scared
and nervous as he’s about to get his first adult spanking. I would
like to say that he took it well, but he didn’t. He starts out
making a joke about it but very quickly tries to back out. Scott
uses his usual heavy hand, and his sexy charm to encourage poor
Mike to go on whenever he tries to stop. He turns the young
man’s firm, smooth ass bright red as he squirms, kicks, curses,
laughs and moans. But he really starts to howl when Scott uses
the bath brush.

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Rich takes a hairbrush to his ass as he jumps, kicks, curses, whimpers, whines and cries out OWWWWWWW

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Rich takes new model Romeo OTK for his first ever spanking. He’s 22 years old, straight and desperately needs money to pay his rent. He’s also shy, soft spoken, nervous and scared. Rich orders him to drop his trousers and shorts, asks if he trusts him, then takes him over his knee and spanks his cute little butt by hand. Romeo takes it well at first, but as Rich progresses he starts to hop, tremble, gasp and yelp. But the pain really gets to him when Rich takes a hairbrush to his ass as he jumps, kicks, curses, whimpers, whines and cries out in an anguished voice.

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