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Humbled and Punished into Submission.

Straight, handsome Nick came to Reluctant Young Men on a dare; his friend had been badly embarrassed on the site a few weeks earlier and told Nick he wouldn’t fare any better. Eager to make some easy cash and earn bragging rights over his friend, Nick called Rich and arranged a video shoot. The masculine stud is immediately put off balance when Rich instructs him to strip naked from the waist down so the master can check out his thick cock and balls. Hetero Nick realizes he’s totally unprepared to be treated like a naughty little boy when he’s pulled over Rich’s knee with ease and the spanking and light caressing begins. Rich uses his big strong hand, a wooden paddle and finally a bath brush to spank Nick’s buoyant butt and he finds it very satisfying to get the sexy reaction he was hoping for from the straight jock: panting, gasping and howling and ultimately humiliating submission. Looks like Nick isn’t the big macho man he always thought he was! Click here to see Nick’s full length OTK spanking and submission video at ReluctantYoungMen.com!

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Joe made the mistake of laughing at Rich, telling him his hand spanking didn’t hurt, and paid the price as he broke him using nothing but his heavy hand.

He’s a 31 year old, straight construction worker with a lean hard body and tight butt developed from physical labor. Rich spanked him by hand until he was twisting, kicking, gasping and moaning, whimpering and whining, his big dick swinging beneath him.

He was sobbing, tears in his eyes when he finished, and Rich was proud of himself for breaking and humiliating him by hand.

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