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Scorpio is a 36 year old, straight stripper with a hot, smooth, muscular body. He’s a little nervous about getting his first spanking as a adult.

Rich used his iron hand, a leather paddle and a riding crop and made his muscular legs flex and tremble as he struggled to deal with the pain. Then he made him face the camera, hands over his head, exposed and vulnerable until his shoulders ached, and he painfully cropped his ass every time he lowered his arms to relieve his shoulders, until he was begging Rich for permission to put his arms down.

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Scott Spanks Big Guy Cole….HAAAAAAAAAAAAARD!

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Straight Man Cole endures a wicked hard paddling at the hands of a man that is totally unbearable!

Cole is a big guy. He’s 31 years old, straight, 5’9″ tall and 190 lbs, very muscular and masculine. He’s a laid off delivery truck driver who needs to make some quick cash so he’s agreed to take a spanking form Scott.

Scott takes the beefy guy OTK and spanks him by hand and with paddles, turning his nice meaty ass red and bruised. At first Cole looks relieved, like he’s thinking “this isn’t so bad” but as his spanking progresses he shows the pain. Scott really makes the big guy dance and sing in his first ever spanking.

His ass gets extra red after a dose of the heavy and solid wooden paddle!

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