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Humbled and Punished into Submission.

Straight, handsome Nick came to Reluctant Young Men on a dare; his friend had been badly embarrassed on the site a few weeks earlier and told Nick he wouldn’t fare any better. Eager to make some easy cash and earn bragging rights over his friend, Nick called Rich and arranged a video shoot. The masculine stud is immediately put off balance when Rich instructs him to strip naked from the waist down so the master can check out his thick cock and balls. Hetero Nick realizes he’s totally unprepared to be treated like a naughty little boy when he’s pulled over Rich’s knee with ease and the spanking and light caressing begins. Rich uses his big strong hand, a wooden paddle and finally a bath brush to spank Nick’s buoyant butt and he finds it very satisfying to get the sexy reaction he was hoping for from the straight jock: panting, gasping and howling and ultimately humiliating submission. Looks like Nick isn’t the big macho man he always thought he was! Click here to see Nick’s full length OTK spanking and submission video at ReluctantYoungMen.com!

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Tough Guy Becomes Obedient Bitch







Naughty,NAUGHTY BOY!!!! Bare your bottom and get over my knee NOW!

New model Frank is a 31 year old, straight roofer, very masculine and sexy, the kind of guy who oozes testosterone, one who takes shit from no one, but today he’s going to take a beating from Rich for money.

Rich took him over his knee and admired his firm, muscular ass, then spanked him by hand and Frank turned into an instant bitch, squirming, kicking and yelling.

Next he used a strap and had him hopping and dancing as he mocked and degraded him. He finished with a painful, bath brush spanking that made him yell, kick and struggle on his lap, disgracing himself, abandoning his tough guy image, becoming  his obedient, suffering bitch trying hard to please him.


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WHOA,OUCH!!!!Straight Man Shawn’s round muscular and ripe ass is thrashed beyond RED!!!

Shawn is 28 years old and straight, an heating and air conditioning man who came by after work for a spanking because he needs some extra money. He’s muscular, hairy and very masculine with a perfect, round, muscular butt and thick thighs. Rich took him OTK and spanked his sexy ass by hand and Shawn took it well. Then he used a wooden paddle and bath brush to really make him react.

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WHOA OUCH!!! Chris Gets the Paddle and the Razor Strop

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Ohhhhhh Whow Ouch!!! Chris’s thrashed butt is looking mighty sore! What a mean spanking I am sure he will never forget!

Chris is 30 years old, an unemployed construction worker, sexy, straight and masculine, and he’s going over Scott’s knee for a spanking just like a little brat. He started out concerned that he would laugh thru it, but Scott took care of that. He did try to remain stoic at first,and did laugh a bit. Let’s just say that Scott helped him see the seriousness of the situation. First he beat the shit out of him by hand and a wooden paddle until the he was writhing and yelping in pain, then he made him hop and dance with a razor strop.

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Hot hard red and stinging sore!!! Jim’s ass is on fire!

Jim is 25 years old, hot and masculine, the kind of straight
who’s uptight and almost non verbal, giving vague,
one word answers to questions, concerned about his cool
image. Rich has him strip, ties him on a spanking horse, and
turns him into a squealing little bitch. Using his hand, a leather
, and a crop, he really makes Jim jump and holler, leaving
his cock and balls pulled out behind him to increase his fear
and anxiety. Rich might have failed to get him to talk much
during the interview but he sure made him sing and dance on
the horse.

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