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When Daddy leaves the strop laying across my lower back, I know there certainly will be more. The weight of the strop is both comforting (Daddy cares), anxiety producing (how many more rounds?), submissive (I’m obviously not the one in charge), and extremely humiliating (my bare, punished bottom on display for anyone).

WHOA OUCH!!! Chris Gets the Paddle and the Razor Strop

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Ohhhhhh Whow Ouch!!! Chris’s thrashed butt is looking mighty sore! What a mean spanking I am sure he will never forget!

Chris is 30 years old, an unemployed construction worker, sexy, straight and masculine, and he’s going over Scott’s knee for a spanking just like a little brat. He started out concerned that he would laugh thru it, but Scott took care of that. He did try to remain stoic at first,and did laugh a bit. Let’s just say that Scott helped him see the seriousness of the situation. First he beat the shit out of him by hand and a wooden paddle until the he was writhing and yelping in pain, then he made him hop and dance with a razor strop.

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