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Another young man tries his best to make some easy cash on Reluctant Young Men, and is handily defeated. No money is every easy, especially when you have to strip naked in front of a sadistic stranger, lie across his lap and just wait for the worst. Big Rich gets Trey into the vulnerable OTK position and warms him up with some light bare hand spanking before moving on to a this wooden paddle. Now Trey starts squirming, and the easy money he thought he would be making is becoming more complicated. How long can he take it? How long does he have to last before he can collect and run? Rich isn’t telling but he’s working up to his favourite implement, the old fashioned wooden hairbrush. Now the spanking intensifies, and Trey’s ass cheeks are getting red and puffy. He’s squirming and trying to get free but Rick holds him in place with one meaty arm. The cries and pleas for mercy are getting louder and more pathetic, and it feeds Rich, adding more sting to each stroke of the brush. Finally he shows some mercy, but Trey has learned a very valuable lesson: There’s no such thing as easy money on the internet. Click here to watch this straight first timer’s full length OTK spanking with hairbrush and paddle.

Casper has got a story we don’t often hear…He has spent the last few years in jail in the States…certainly not anything we would wish on anyone, but after his release, he’s seeking some quick cash and he hits up his old friends at Reluctant Young Men. It’s hard out there when you’ve got a record, and Casper is willing to endure the pain and humiliation of submitting to corporal punishment to earn a few hundred bucks. Master Scott manhandles the ex-con, twisting his ear to ensure his compliance to the OTK position. Casper lies across Scott’s lap and soon the painful blows begin. First bare hand spanking on top fo the clothes, then just the underwear, and then the bare flesh of Casper’s ass. Prison has certainly made this boy firmer, and Scott relishes the bounce in the cheeks every time he strikes a blow. But the name of the game is real corporal discipline, and Scott upgrades the punishment to the leather strap, and now he has to fight with Casper to keep him locked in place. The leather smacks Casper over and over and his red ass is starting to veer into purplish territory, and welts and broken blood vessels are visible through the skin. This is exactly what Scott is looking for. He moves into the final phase: an extended session with a cane. Casper’s buttocks get a sharp whipping with a thin cane and it must feel like his flesh is getting shredded! Click here to see this very fine update featuring great OTK corporal punishment from Reluctant Young Men->> 

Nicholas is another straight young would-be alpha to try and make some easy money doing a male spanking video. He teased Richard about how he used to laugh when his parents spanked him, and how the idea of a grown 18 year-old like him receiving corporal punishment was silly! Rich knew that smug smirk wasn’t going to last long as he pulled Nicholas by the ear over his lad and started to give him rhythmic, aggressive bare-hand smack to his backside, fist over his clothes and then to his bare skin. As his ass cheeks turn a brighter shade of pink and then an alarming shade of red, Nicholas’ small groans become all out whimpers and he twists and tries to struggle free every time Richard’s hand smacks his cheeks. When it’s all over, a sheepish and spent young man admits it was more than he could handle and he was sorry for not believing how painful it was going to be. See Nicholas’s delightfully humbling bare ass spanking video here!

Daddy Rich from ReluctantYoungMen.com is hilarious in this clip. He’s chastising 23 year old Victor for showing up incredibly late to their video shoot and wasting his time. Victor makes all kinds of weak excuses for his tardiness, like he was getting a haircut and he was caught in traffic, but it eventually slips that he was just sleeping until 3:30 in the afternoon. Rich pulls Victor over his knee and pinches his ear so he can’t wiggle free. First over his pants, then his underwear, then Rich is spanking Victor’s bare ass with his big palm, asking out loud how there can be such a generation of dumb young people when everyone has a smart phone? Rich sounds like a hilarious, cantankerous old coot, smacking Victor’s bare ass with a bath brush while complaining about kids today and their fancy phones. I’m pretty sure he gets in a few references to baggy pants and the hippity-hop music. Totally amusing subplot highlights the as-usual great punishment from Reluctant Young Men. Click here to see Victor’s full, excruciating OTK bath brush corporal punishment.

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Straight young Kenny gets his straight ass smacked hard and fast all over as he goes over a mans knees naked.

gay spanking mm spankingsNew SUPER SEXY model Kenny is a 24 year old straight guy with a lean smooth body, sexy muscular butt, cute face, big cock and a live in girlfriend who doesn’t know he’s doing this, so Rich had to avoid bruising.

He took him in some HOT and humiliating positions and broke him down using only his FIRM hand, spanking him until his SEXY STRAIGHT ass was bright red and his dignity was the only thing bruised.


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Tough Guy Becomes Obedient Bitch







Naughty,NAUGHTY BOY!!!! Bare your bottom and get over my knee NOW!

New model Frank is a 31 year old, straight roofer, very masculine and sexy, the kind of guy who oozes testosterone, one who takes shit from no one, but today he’s going to take a beating from Rich for money.

Rich took him over his knee and admired his firm, muscular ass, then spanked him by hand and Frank turned into an instant bitch, squirming, kicking and yelling.

Next he used a strap and had him hopping and dancing as he mocked and degraded him. He finished with a painful, bath brush spanking that made him yell, kick and struggle on his lap, disgracing himself, abandoning his tough guy image, becoming  his obedient, suffering bitch trying hard to please him.


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