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Mike’s bare ass is bright red and stinging like bee stings after a humiliating thrashing.

Mike is a big, muscular guy, 6’5″ and 220 lbs. of solid muscle, handsome and hung, a dominant straight personal trainer and former heavy equipment operator who was desperate enough for cash to become Chic’s submissive bitch. Chic started with a long, heavy spanking on Mike’s beautifully sculpted ass, then switched to a leather paddle. Mike looked like he was struggling to control his emotions, looking angry and resentful as he grunted, moaned and danced in pain and shame.

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Clark’s bare ass cheeks are throbbing,really red and sore as heel as hard smacks land again and again without mercy!!!


A hard and humiliating spanking for straight boy Clark he will soon not forget as he won’t be able to sit down for a week.

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pain_and_shameClark is a 26 year old, straight plumber, tall, lean, smooth, toned and handsome, with a firm, smooth, perfectly shaped butt, a really beautiful body. He’s also shy and very nervous. I took him OTK and admired his ass, a real pleasure to feel and fondle, then warmed him up by hand. I then switched to a brush as he struggled with the pain, twisting on gasping on my lap, as I taunted him about being all grown up and spanked by an older man. Clark struggled to control his rage, trembling as he tried to control his emotions. When it was over he said his found the experience painful and shameful.

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The spanking makes him struggle, kick, tremble, sweat, gasp and yelp in shame.

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Axel is 28 years old, a straight, laid off carpenter looking to make some extra money. He likes spanking and being spanked during sex but he’s never been spanked OTK, and he’s in for a surprise. Rich uses his hand, a paddle and the bath brush on his nice, round butt and turns it bright red and bruised. Axel makes it thru the hand spanking alright, and the paddle has him struggling, twisting and yelling as he breathlessly tries to cope with the pain. But the hairbrush breaks him as he struggles, kicks, trembles, sweat, gasps and yelps in shame. During the post interview he said the spanking made him feel “naughty” and embarrassed.

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WHOOOOA OUCH!!!! That is one hell of a hot red bottom!!!

He won’t be able to sit down comfortably on his well spanked deep red ass for a week!!

The only thing more humiliating for a straight guy than having a premature ejaculation in a gay video is to be spanked like a bitch as punishment, yet that’s exactly what happens to Tommy this week. He’s sworn off making spanking videos a few years ago, but when he fucked up and came prematurely in an edging video this was the only way he could make it up to Rich. After tying him to a stool, Rich uses his hand, paddles and a crop to get his revenge, scolding and humiliating him as he writhes, gasps and howls in pain and shame.

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